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      Creating real estate opportunities from ethics and customer satisfaction

      Nativa Soluciones Inmobiliarias: Commitment and human candor in real estate solutions

      A company that bets for the integral Quality attending all the edges of problems that can present its clients

      Over the years there are only two constants in the world: the population continues to increase its number and the size of the Earth is the same.

      Under these two immovable values, the reality of the market dictates that the value of real estate can only rise with the passage of time. Therefore, investing in real estate is perhaps one of the safest, most sought-after and studied activities in the world. However, it’s also substantially risky, because although the formula augurs benefits, the reality is filled by a series of uncontrollable factors that alter the original foundation. A house, a plot of land, can be expropriated for reasons of state, may lose value as a result of other undesirable nearby buildings, or as a result of natural disasters, or may simply cease to be an attractive because of new developments in nearby, more favorable areas.

      It is therefore vital to move the complex world of real estate through a group of experts. Companies that manage the risk and assume it in the name of its beneficiaries, offering accurate information, financing plans according to the client and in general put to the customer’s service a specialized knowledge about a complex field, which allows its advisers to make the right decisions and get the properties that best satisfy your needs.

      This complex field of real estate solutions is dominated by just a handful of successful companies. Organizations that, based on excellence, constancy and absolute dedication to customer satisfaction, have managed to build a reputation based on the reliability of their decisions.

      With human candor

      One of these successful companies is the Argentine firm NativaSolucionesInmobiliarias. A company that has managed to effectively combine legal and notarial advice, building management and a series of products aimed at facilitating and providing effective and efficient real estate solutions within the Argentine territory. This ability to offer a comprehensive service, combined with its philosophy of absolute dedication to human needs connected with the traumatic experience of relocation, has earned Nativa a portfolio of 9,500 clients in Buenos Aires, becoming the main company of the branch.

      Nativa operates the fields of Building Management, Property Management, Notarial Advice, Legal Counseling, Accounting Counseling, Repairs and Paint, Decoration, Moving, Tourism, General and Life Insurance. A wide range but concentrated in the real estate world that seeks to offer its clients coherent and integral solutions to all their possible problems.

      Managed under a philosophy of covering all the necessities that arise when you are making a real estate operation, this Argentine company with 20 years of experience offers, in addition to the common services, services related also to those necessities that inevitablyappears when installing in a new home. A conceptual approach that seeks to approach the more human side of the logical difficulties faced by anyone when arriving in Buenos Aires to settle for family reasons, or work.

      All Nativa’s staff is made up with professionals who speak several languages: English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Thereby achieving an easily communication with its clients in their home language, providing a service of high quality that generates an intrinsic trust in all those who consult them.

      Business Initiative Directions wishes to grant to its clients a high level of commitment to the well-being of their clients, by their human and efficient approach to a complex problem such as the real estate issue, and by their strong operational execution of fundamental principles in the Culture of Quality. Business Initiative Directions wishes to honorNativaSolucionesInmobiliariaswith the BID International Quality Award 2016, in recognition of its commitment to quality and its untiring pursuit for excellence.



      BID is a private and independent organization founded in 1984, whose primary activity is the business communication oriented towards quality, excellence and innovation in business management. As a leader of the dissemination of the culture of quality, BID recognizes those companies and organizations that lead the most important activities in the business world and is considered the founding organization of the dissemination of the culture of quality, excellence and innovation in 179 countries. This trophy symbolizes a commitment to the principles of quality. The QC100 Total Quality Management model, together with the Quality Mix program, cover in the media the events that take place during the convention and its impact on the community and the business sector, creating an unrivaled platform for continuous improvement within the organization and a recognition of the company’s achievements at an international level. The awards are given to those who are committed to improving the culture of quality based on the principles of QC100 Total Quality Management. Candidates are nominated by business leaders that have previously been honored with this award. Candidates with special merits may also be nominated. The Selection Committee of the BID International Quality Award chooses among them the winning companies that receive the award in New York, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Madrid and London.

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